The Dacor Heritage WineStation

The Dacor Heritage WineStation is the first automated, temperature controlled, four-bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for the home. With the abilitly to select a tasting amount, half glass, or full glass all while keeping your wine fresh, you can't beat it!

It can hold four bottles simultaneously, ranging from regular size to magnum bottles. With the argon gas preservation system, those four bottles can be kept fresh for 60 days. Also helping to keep your wine fresh are the CleanPour™ dispensing heads. The CleanPour™ heads pour the wine directly from the bottle, preventing oxidation from spoiling the wine and locking in the taste and aroma with each pour.

The Dacor Heritage WineStation is quite versatile, as it can be used on a counter or built into cabinetry. It also has hassle-free maintenance! No chemical flushing or lengthy cleaning process is needed. All that you need to do is rince the CleanPour™ heads and pickup tubes under warm water or through the dishwasher and you are ready to go.

Do you need parts or accessories for your Dacor Heritage WineStation? We can help you with all of them! Below is list of direct links for accessories that you can order right from, along with a direct link to the model lookup, if you need to find parts to order. As always, please feel free to give us a call at (484) 245-0500 if you need any help with locating your parts or placing an order.

Argon Gas Canister
CleanPour™ Dispensing Heads - Green
CleanPour™ Dispensing Heads - Red
CleanPour™ Dispensing Heads - White
CleanPour™ Dispensing Heads - Mixed
CleanPour™ Dispensing Head Gasket (20 Pack)
Package of Pickup Tubes
Drip Cloth
Outer Drip Tray
Dual Zone Temp Upgrade
HX Regulator
Keys, Set of 2
Silicon Spray
Bottle Sizing Tool
WineStation Trim Kit, 24"

Model Lookup: DYWS4

CleanPour™ Heads

Dacor Heritage WineStation CleanPour™ Heads - Green

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