Ways to Maintain a Beautiful Fridge While Optimizing Storage

For most of us, the fridge is one of the most EASY to get cluttered in the shortest amount of time. However, lucky for those that have to deal with this predicament, we have some super helpful tips to optimize your fridge space. These tips also help you maintain a gorgeous aesthetic for your fridge and kitchen!

Clear Acrylic Bins 

           Organizing your food with clear bins doesn't only make your fridge look classy and clean, but saves you space! On top of that, if they're clear it makes it easier to see what you have or don't have for shopping purposes and so you're not rummaging through your fridge when you need to find something. 

Glass Bottles

          An amazing way to save space in your fridge is investing in some glass bottles to put your milk, juice, water, or tea in. You can fit more liquid into them, and they look so aesthetically-pleasing!


          One of the most efficient things you can do for you fridge is labeling what you have, and dating them! You can get creative with this as well, you can use a label maker and use some beautiful fonts! Or even classier, if you wanna write directly on your bins or bottles, you can write in calligraphy for such a stunning look.

Dedicate a Space or Bin of Things That Expire First

          This is a great alternative the losing things in the back of you fridge only to clean them out every couple month and having to smell the rot and throw out things you could've used. This encourages everyone in your home to eat, drink or us these items first. This can be as simple as just putting these items in the front of your fridge. If it is a bin though, you can label it something cute like "Eat Me!".

Remove Unnecessary Packaging

        Food packaging takes up SO much room in the fridge. When you remove it, it saves so much space and immediately gives a classier more clean look to your fridge. This hack also applies to your pantry and freezer. Just make sure to recycle!

Get Creative!

        Lastly, have some fun with it! There are almost endless possibilities that you can do when it comes to organization and making your fridge look more aesthetically pleasing. You could use a Lazy Susan, magnets, divider in your drawers, or even add more shelves! Another thing you can do is add lining to your shelves for cleaning purposes and to just make it look neater.

        We hope you learned some new helpful tips and are motivated to Re-organize and Re-think your Re-frigerator organization!