Reuse Your Glass Jars

Mason jars are a staple for DIYs and kitchen storage, but any jar can do the trick when it comes to these tips. From your kitchen to your bathroom, these jar hacks will have your home filled with clean glass and rid of tacky plastic containers.


In the kitchen, mason jars can replace most plastic food containers. If you have leftovers, you can put them in mason jars, especially for single-serving meals. Additionally, they are great on the go! Meals like salads or overnight oats can be stored in jars for a meal-for-one. They can also hold snacks, such as a dollop of dip and celery or carrot sticks. Not only are they for storage, but most blender blades can screw onto the lid of a mason jar, making an easy single-serving smoothie. Finally, you can make whipped cream or butter in a jar. Put heavy whipping cream in a jar and shake until you have whipped cream--or shake a little longer to make butter.


Just as in the kitchen, mason jars can be used for storage in your bathroom. To add some flair, you can even paint your glass jars for your kitchen. They can be used to store your toothbrush, toothpaste, and flossers. You can also set up a display of jars with cotton balls, cotton swabs, and tissues for an apothecary-like look. To add to the theme, add a soap dispenser lid to any jar for a reusable soap dispenser. 


Jars can also be used as containers for any of your crafting projects. Jars with frosted glass paint and an electric candle can be an easy lantern. They can also be used to hold homemade candles. Or, if you need a simple pot or vase for your plants and succulents, use a glass jar! And, the most obvious use--they can be used for pencil holders or brush holders. 

As you can see, there are SO MANY uses for glass jars in your home. It is cheaper than going out and buying containers if you already have glass jars. And, if you feel the need get more mason jars, the uses for them are endless. 


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