Re-think Your Basement Remodel

The New Year is already two weeks in, and there are several resolutions that have most likely been put to a halt. However, there is still hope to fulfill your resolution to update parts of your home. Make it easy, and start bottom-up, with the basement. Here are some tips to update your basement without the hassle of construction.

Give it a Good Scrub! 

Some basements have cobwebs, dead bugs, and mildew all over. By dusting and sweeping away those dead critters, your space will look much cleaner, and give it the appearance of being touched up. Additionally, scrubbing and spraying away any mildew residue from the walls can turn a basement from an inhabitable storage space to an extra room of the house. To finish cleaning, use a Swiffer or a mop to easily clean the floors without any scrubbing.

Paint the Walls!

If you have drywall in your basement, then you can easily put on a fresh coat of paint to freshen up the space. But, most basements are covered in concrete, which is sometimes painted messily. If you do not want to go through the bother of adding drywall, clean up your concrete by spackling the holes in the wall and then paint it. A new coat of paint can make concrete look almost like normal drywall. And, it gives the same feel as a stylish exposed-brick wall. If you do not have a drop-tile ceiling, painting and staining the ceiling can also bring the room together.

Add Furniture and Decorations!

The right furniture and decor can make any space look good. If you have the space in your basement, fill your newly-painted rooms with a sitting area and a coffee table. You can use any old furniture you have in storage--just keep in mind the colors, so that when you paint, the colors of the paint and furniture compliment one another. Add a throw blanket and pillows to add a pop of color, or stain an old table. 

If you want to splurge, buy some furniture to make the space look brand new. To pull everything together, accessorize with decor. If you have an exposed ceiling, add some twinkle lights to brighten up the room. Plants (fake or real) are another great way to lighten up a dark basement. Finally, add some wall art to make the room feel homey. And here is a tip: use Command strips if you have concrete walls.

Use the Space Efficiently

The last element to a simple remodel of your basement is to use your space efficiently and do what YOU think is best. If you do not have much room in your basement, use it as a finished laundry room. Or, if you have a large basement with a sink and a gas line, make a sitting room with your furniture, change the fixture on the sink, add a gas range, and you have a mini-apartment with a living room and a kitchen. You can add toys and a chalkboard, and make it a playroom. Or, you can go the functional route by adding shelving and using the basement strictly for storage. Whatever you do, you are adding a room to your home, with just a good scrub, a coat of paint, and some furniture.


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